EDS CONQUEST (Fredericks 2006)
A superb red-orange with two red side petals and a slight picotee already has proven it pedigree in the UK by winning the award on its first outing for the Best 200/100 at BGS Midland Show 2005 under number 99-20. Opens 9 lightly ruffled. 2 florets on a 25" flower head. Great formal placement.
1.00 each

Hey Fred (Frederick 2014)
A dandy rich deep red with very good colour saturation. Florets are up to 3" with light ruffling and of nice medium substance. Holds open 8 of 25 buds on 28" heads in formal placement on medium plants. (Huron Norma x Open)
1.25 each
256 M

Huron Mask Mimranck 2007
A wine blood red with precise yellow spears on the lip petals. Opens 7-8 out of 20 buds on a 18 flower head in formal placement, a dandy exhibition miniature.
1.00 each

LAURA MARIA (Peeters 2003)
We think this has great show potential, lightly ruffled purple rose in colour has 20 -21 buds and opens 7 with 7 in colour. Produces very balanced spikes in formal placement.
1.20 each

Leonie AE 791-1 M Snoek 2015
White florets with pink edges and purple lips, informal placement, opens 6-7 out of 22 buds
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

MYSS MONICA (M Snoek 2016
This is one of the best Dutch glads bred for exhibition for a long time. Deep blue in colour with a cream throat and red speckles on the lips. 24 buds on a long straight stem, we predict this will do very well on the show bench
1.20 each

PIXIE Fawcett 2015 SDL 95-11-102
Dark rose in colour with darker lips, 22 buds.
1.20 each

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