No expletives can express the success story this variety has had since its release. This very limited offer is for the discerning exhibitor. Cream in colour, 9 buds opening out of 25-26, 30" flower head.
2.00 each

DION (Saran 2006)
Excellent show variety. Light lavender rose ruffled florets that are deeper at the edge and lighter in the throat. Opens 8 out of 27 buds on a formal 26" flower head.
1.20 each

JUNOESQUE (Spinkle 2007)
Opens 9 out of 26 -28 buds elegantly ruffled needlepoint florets in formal placement on a 30" straight as a ramrod flowerhead. The colour is white with a small lavender mark in the throat but depending on weather conditions the colour takes on a light lavender-pink flush. Plants are vigorous in growth and heath, a good bulb producer. A must for the serious exhibitor and we predict that this will prove to be the best 300 to date.
1.20 each

LADY LUCILLE (Martin 1996)
A lovely medium pink with a white throat and white raised mid ribs. It grows tall and strong and easily opens 9 in formal placement on 32" flower heads. Bud count 27-29. A winner at many of the best in shows in USA and UK. Best 300 at 300 BGS Northern Show 2000.
1.00 each

OUR LES (Fawcett 2006)
Named in memory of Les Jones a stalwart member of the Southern Group. This cultivar has a proven show record at BGS shows with many awards in the South and Midlands. It is medium yellow in colour slightly ruffled and opens 8 in formal placement out of 24 on 28" flowerhead. Limited number available
1.25 each

A light rose-pink with rosy darts deep in the throat, the florets are in a double row formal placement. Opens 8 out of 27-28 on a 27 flower head
1.00 each

We are pleased to be able to release this glad. Best 300 and 2nd day Champion at BGS National Show. Dark crimson in colour with the texture of velvet. Opens 7-8 highly frilled buds in formal placement out of 24 buds. 26 flowerhead, a must for the serious exhibitor. Very few for sale.
1.55 each

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