ANYU S (Peeters 2002)
A large lavender rose with a cream throat. This cultivar is capable of making robust 30-32" spikes of 26-27 buds. It easily opens 8-10 and the florets are 5" with nice ruffling and good substance. Limited Stocks.
1.50 each

AUGUST DAYS (MacKenzie 1987)
A firm favourite with the show enthusiast. The pale yellow florets have deeply lipped petals and are lightly ruffled. Opens 10 in precise placement on 32-34" flower heads. Bud count 23-26. Only 100 corms on offer.
1.50 each

BABSBILL (Peeters 2011)
A light yellow with deeper throat. Very formal and self dresser opens 8-10 ruffled florets in formal placement out of 24 buds on 26 flower head. The florets are ruffled 4 - 5 inch
2.50 each

Careless(Challaglads 2008)
Proved in 2009 to be the most consistent new variety since Cream Perfection. Pink in colour with a creamy white throat, the florets are slightly ruffled and open in formal placement. Opens 8 buds out of 27-28 on a 28" flower head
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

CHILTERN HARMONY (Fawcett 2015) SDL 03-19-102
Salmon pink with a cream throat, 25-26 buds holds 8 open
2.00 each

Chiltern Pride (Fawcett 2014)
Salmon pink with a cream throat, 25-26 buds holds 8 open a Pink Elegance x Felicita seedling.
2.00 each
435 M

CHILTERN ROSE ( T Fawcett 2018
Light Rose in colour with a creamy white throat, 26 buds on 32" flowerhead. We think this will be one for the future consistently performing winners in this section
3.00 each

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