CREAM PERFECTION (K Osselton 2006)
Lovely cream with light ruffling, each flower is formally placed. A real eye catcher. Opens 8 on 24-26 buds with a 32" flower head.
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

CROWN JEWELS (Gruber 2002)
We are pleased to offer this older variety for the first time in the UK although since 2003 have had excellent results on the show bench, but we have had insufficient stock to release any quantity. An excellent show variety, red in colour, opens 8 out of 26 buds in formal placement on a 27" flower head.
1.50 each

DEAN’S LIST (Sprinkle 2005)
Has done well on the showbench since its introduction in 2005. Intense deep pink with a very sharp white throat can only be described as “super formal”. 30” flower head with 26 buds easily opens 9-10 ruffled florets consistently in perfect formal placement. We predict that this will excel on the show bench. A must for the serious exhibitor.
2.50 each

DRAMA (McKenzie, Canada. 1980).
Outstanding American variety with many Grand Champions to its name. An unusual shade of watermelon pink with a yellow throat speckled with the same pink. Opens 10 in immaculate placement on 30” flowerheads. Bud count 24. Re-introduced after vigorous stock selection only 60 corms available hence the price
1.50 each

FELICITA (Saran 2003)
This highly ruffled light pink has on its first year in the UK under the Seedling No. 43/99 proved itself to not only be a winner but also achieved Grand Champion Bloom at the BGS Sussex Group Show 2002. Opens 8 buds in formal placement out of 26 on a 30" flower head. Limited Stock Available.
1.00 each

Flevo Fusion
This very weatherproof gladioli is pink in colour with a white throat. Opens 8 buds out of 24 on a strong straight 28 - 30" stem. We think this will do very well
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 16.50

FLEVO GRACE (Glaco- Snoek 2020) NEW Variety
Medium pink with a white throat, Tall grower, 24-25 buds, holds 8 open
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

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