SILVER DREAM (Jones 2002)
We are pleased to be able to release this superb cultivar which has achieved many best in show awards during its trials phase Grand champion Spike BGS National 2006. White in colour with red feathering in the centre. Opens 9 buds with 5 in colour on a 30 flower head. Ruffled 4 florets which have good substance in very formal placement. A must for the serious showman. Limited amount of corms
1.50 each

SNOW OWL (Creber 2008)
Pristine white in colour, florets are nicely ruffled. A true exhibition glad with ram rod straight spikes. Opens 10 out of 29 buds on a 26 flower head in very formal placement. A must for the showman.
1.25 each

Pristine white in colour, opens 8-9 buds out of 26 on ramrod straight spikes will make a good exhibition glad
1.50 each

STATUS SYMBOL (Sprinkle 2008)
Very similar to Doris Darling in style and performance. Opens 8 buds out of 24 -25 on a 32 flower head. Only a few for sale
1.25 each

SUPERIOR CHAMP Hartline 2008)
Medium salmon pink in colour with white lips, formal placement, 27 buds which hold 10 open
1.50 each
434 LM

Lavender purplewith a red markin the throat, 322 flowerheads, opens 8 out of 24-25 Buds
2 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

VIOLET KING (Challa Glads 2007)
This glad caught our eye at the CNB weekly show at Lisse and was part of the winning exhibit staged by Challa Glads. Mid rose in colour opens 7-8 buds in formal placement out of 24 on a 28" flowerhead.
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

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