SUNSET FIRE (Bates 1996)
Re-introduced as it has a good show record in the USA. We think this cultivar will be a useful addition in this size classification. Similar to Sailor’s Delight except it doesn’t make extra buds and has larger florets. Medium pink with small pure white throat. 27 buds, opens 8-9 blooms in formal placement on a 32-34” flower head.
1.50 each

SUPERIOR CHAMP Hartline 2008)
Medium salmon pink in colour with white lips, formal placement, 27 buds which hold 10 open
1.50 each
434 LM

Lavender purplewith a red markin the throat, 322 flowerheads, opens 8 out of 24-25 Buds
2 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

Rose pink with white throat with dark rose lips 22 buds on a strong straight stem in formal placement
1 for 1.00 - 5 for 4.00

TSOLUM (Sjuberg 2009)
A super flower full of exhibition potential. Salmon Orange in colour medium ruffled florets, opens 8 of 24 buds on a 23” flowerhead in formal placement.
1.50 each

This is the last of the cu8ltivars purchased from Marchel Snook. A loverly straight stemmed red with gold markingsin the throat 21-22 buds and opens6-7 in good formal placement. Only a few available
1.20 each

VIOLET KING (Challa Glads 2007)
This glad caught our eye at the CNB weekly show at Lisse and was part of the winning exhibit staged by Challa Glads. Mid rose in colour opens 7-8 buds in formal placement out of 24 on a 28" flowerhead.
5 for 3.00 - 10 for 4.20 - 20 for 7.60 - 50 for 17.50

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