General Advice

General Advice


Unpack the corms and store in trays in a cool frost-free place.

Prior To Planting
Exhibitor should strip off the outer skins to expose the bud eyes and prior to planting carefully remove, with a clean knife, all the bud eyes except the largest one nearest to the crown. (Tip: You should dip the knife in a very week solution of bleach to prevent passing viruses from corm to corm)
Prior to planting the bed or borders the ground should be dug and worked into a fine tilth. Blood fish & bone or any general balanced fertiliser should be raked into the top 4" at a rate of 4ozs per sq yard (140gms per sq meter). Plant each corm 4" deep on a bed of washed sand 10" apart for large flowering corms and 6" for small flowering ones. Planting can start from mid April onwards for mid August to Septermber flowering.
Timing for shows
Gladiolius flower between 70 to 120 days depending on light and location. Therefore it is best to stagger planting between mid April to mid May for each cultivar, this way you should spread the flowering time.
Cultivation - Watering, Feeding & Spraying
Once shoots have emerged from the ground in times of drought each plant must be watered. About 1 pint (570 ml) per plant at first up to 2 pints (1.1 litres) per day by late July. Feeds of Maxicrop General or Chempack 4 can be given at weekly intervals from early July. Spray with insecticides (one for thrip is advisable) at regular intervals and use a carbendazim fungicide.



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