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Showglads - Terms of Business

Receipt of your order form indicates your acceptance of the terms of business.

Payment - Cash, Cheque or Postal Order with all orders, all monies payable to SHOWGLADS. We do not accept any type of credit or charge cards as this would lead to additional costs for all our customers due to bank charges.

Corm Sizes:
Dutch - All large flowering corms will be 14cm's, small flowered primulinus will be 11-12cm's.
Canadian, American, etc - Will be the biggest we can obtain and will always be smaller then the Dutch ones.
UK Primulinus Hybrids - Tend to vary in size but corms provided will produce flowering spikes in their first year.

Remember it is not the size of the diameter of the corm; corms with approximately the same breadth and depth will generally produce the best flower spikes even if smaller.

Substitutes - We much prefer to send you what you ordered. Substitutes can be for a variety of reasons:- Demand exceeds supply, crop failure through disease etc. We will always endeavour to do our best in these circumstances to provide something for you to grow by sending newer cultivars or more costly ones. If there is a high proportion of your order that needs to be substituted we will contact you for further instructions.

Warranty - We guarantee that corms supplied will be in good condition on despatch, corms not in this condition on arrival should be returned to ShowGlads and we will replace them free of charge (Please contact us regarding postage). We cannot give warranty, expressed or implied, on the performace of the goods since customers growing conditions are beyond our control.

Postage & Packing Costs - Click here for postage costs.

For contact details, please see our Contact page.
Telephoning - We can be contacted between 9am - 8pm.
Please Note - During April contacting us could be difficult, but leave a message, write us a letter or email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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